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Hi! I'm an undergrad at Cornell University working towards degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics with a minor in Philosophy.

During academic months, I am a part of the CAPRA research group led by Adrian Sampson and his doctoral students ( 1 | 2 ) at Cornell. I am also currently working with Jenna Wise and her doctoral advisors ( 1 | 2 ) on the Gradual Verification project at Carnegie Mellon University through the REUSE internship.

My —current and always changing— favorite areas of study are logic, type theory, category theory, linguistics, analytical philosophy, and software verification. For objective film ratings click here, and for objectively good music here.


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POPL '23 [SRC] Empirical Soundness Evaluation of Gradually Verified C0

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"Idea of a Certain Cat" 2004 -Tokuhiro Kawai (川井徳寛)