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Cool Projects
Incremental Specification Mining: Using Regression Testing in Selective Spec Mining
Kate Meuse, Jan-Paul Ramos-Dávila
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RNAfoldml: An OCaml package for predicting RNA secondary structure
Inle Bush, Jan-Paul Ramos-Dávila, Songyu Ye
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Diffeq-lang: DSL for solving differential equations
Benjamin Philippe, Jan-Paul Ramos-Dávila
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Ladbot: A discord bot whose purpose is to entertain those who are bored.
Benjamin Philippe, Jan-Paul Ramos-Dávila, Sina
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Idea of a Certain Cat 2004 -Tokuhiro Kawai (川井徳寛)
Idea of a Certain Cat 2004 -Tokuhiro Kawai (川井徳寛)